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Life & Health Insurance


Laws, mortgage companies, and banks require us to insure our homes, cars, and businesses. You never know when your house might be destroyed by fire or damaged by a hailstorm. You never know if a deer might collide with your car. You never know when your business might be sued. Many people never experience a large loss during their lifetime; however, there is one thing that we know for sure. We do know that everyone’s days on earth are numbered. It’s through hard work that you are able to obtain a home and car, but what happens when you are gone? The mortgage still must be paid and the car payments must be sent. Employees are waiting for the next check and our children still need an education. These are the cold hard facts. You owe it to the people in your life to provide protection in case you are not there. That’s where life insurance comes in. Stop in to see us and find out for yourself how affordable life insurance can be for you.

Hardly a day goes by that health insurance is not in the news. Rules and regulations are continuously changing, and it is hard for even the most savvy consumer to keep up. Shopping the world of health insurance can be very confusing. What you choose can have a dramatic financial impact on you and your family's way of life. We will listen to your wants and needs to help you obtain the best health plan for your situation.

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